About Oceanarch

Wee are one of the leading manufacturer of Christmas Ornaments, Cake Decorations and Flower Decorations in Hong Kong with over 20 years of experience. Our China factory located in Ping Shan, Shenzhen, consisted of three buildings with a combined area of over 30,000 square feet. We have employed over 300 workers and a good quality of dormitories, meals and environment will be given to these valued workers as they work devotedly everyday in our premises, we take them as our treasures and assets.

Our working crews and managing departments regular meetingBy knowing how to keep a good business, creative ideas are essential. We have our own molding department working on new developed products and OEM products every year to satisfy our worldwide customers needs.


Our working crews and managing departments regular meeting We own a wide customer base as we know our customers have so many creative ideas that need support and accomplish of a good factory, we play a main role in this relationship to benefit each other and to grow together with our precious customers.

Every month our R & D department will gather together to discuss what will be next trend or new product idea to market of our customers, our staffs are traveling worldwide regularly to explore the market and seize the taste and trend which is changing everyday in nowadays.

A good quality control is our main goal in the factory, finished goods, semi-finished goods and raw materials are separated and stored in different areas. The quality control department is responsible inspecting incoming materials, instituting in-process quality procedures to provide early feedback of workmanship or other problems and performing final checks and tests of finished products, to ascertain that there is no single piece of product is handled inappropriately in our premises.

Factory Tour

Moulding We have the latest technology mold making machines, controlled by our sophisticated molding experts, working everyday for our new products and OEM products of our worldwide customers.

Mould making for cake decoration

Machine Production Injection machines are controlled mainly by computers, to ensure that data and process is accurate enough as well as the melting point and cooling point. Everyday our Injection technicians have to watch the machines and reported to the managing department routinely.

Christmas Ornaments machine production

Spray Painting With the smart uniforms, caps and masks, spraying technicians work hardly in front of each air vent, line-up neatly with the best discipline.

spray painting to flower decoration

Assembling and Packaging Workers assemble items after the injection or spray painting, then go to the final packaging process. Quality control department is responsible inspecting the whole process during machine production, spray painting, assembling, packaging….etc to make sure a good quality product is issued finally in our factory.

assembling and packaging of halloween decoration
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